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We have a lot of coffees to offer:

We have a beautiful Burundi, a delicious Brazil, a few options from the Rujuanse Estate in Nicaragua, and a our new Decaf from Colombia.

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Boxer Brew Coffee vir die beste koffie!

Hanlie Scheepers

"Boxer Brew... Beslis! Heerlikste koffie met liefde bedien!" - Finette Britz

First Stop at The Pretoria Farmers Market?

Burundi - Mahonda Washing Station FOR ONLY R 95.00 for 250g

Our Favourite Coffee

About us

We Are The Coffee Fanatics

We've been passionate about drinking & learning about coffee since we can remember, and by the end of 2015 we decided to buy our first bag of green coffee.

Small Batch Specialty Coffee Roasters

We use premium-quality Green Coffee.

Our coffee gets roasted with precision and care to ensure you receive freshly roasted coffee every time you order with us.

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We roast our own coffee.

We are proud to say that we bought our very first roaster in 2020!

Try our Burundi

Why Drink Coffee?

High antioxidant qualities

Coffee possesses valuable antioxidant properties. This means that when you drink that cup of coffee it boosts your energy and helps you clean out those toxins from your body.


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