Boxer Brew Coffee co.

Here at Boxer Brew, we can be considered coffee fanatics.  We like to learn more about coffee, read about coffee and above all, drink more coffee.  As our slogan proclaim: “It’s all about the coffee!”.

We would like to offer premium quality coffee at the best price possible.  We do this by directly buying green coffee beans from the importer, contract roasting and then selling to coffee lovers.  We make awesome espresso based drinks as well as Red cappuccino and Tumeric super food lattes at our local farmers market.

We do not know where this journey will take us, but we intend to enjoy every moment of it!

Scroll down  to see all our posts as well as what we aim to post about next.  Would you like us to cover anything else?  Pop us an email and we will do so!

Latest news – We are now proudly a member of SCASA, the Speciality Coffee Association of South Africa!


What is next?  Watch this space!

Boxer Brew Coffee Trailer

Blog Posts Current and Future

  1. The History of Coffee
    • Legend and Myth
    • Migration of Coffee
    • Early Coffee Trade
    • Social impact and adoption
    • Prohibition
  2. Current Coffee culture
    • Consumer trends
    • Education
    • Fair Trade
  3. The Farm
    • Growing and cultivation
    • Species and Cultivars
    • Pests and Calamities
    • Harvesting and Processing
    • Sorting and Grating
    • Selecting and Tasting (common terms)
  4.  Roasting
    • Art meets Science
    • Roast Types
    • Types of Roasters
    • Home Roasting
    • Storage
  5. Preparation and Drinking
  6. Evaluating Coffee
  7. Baking with Coffee
    • Cream Deserts and Hot Puddings
    • Souffles and Meringues
    • Fruit Deserts
    • Frozen Deserts
    • Cake and Torte Recipes
    • Pies, Tarts and Pastries
    • Sweets, Biscuits and Breads
  8. Personal Journey


This will be a growing lists, but let us start by the informative tutorial videos embedded from the guys at Stumptown Coffee.

Books I have read, esp The Chocolate and Coffee Bible as published by Hermes House.  This is well worth buying and I highly recommend this.

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