Nicaragua Rajuanse Estate H1

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This is a natural processed coffee from the Rajuanse Estate Family reserve range.  It was lovingly farmed by Ramiro Ortiz and picked in micro-lots.  The coffee fruit was dried on raised screens, allowing natural fermentation to take place, before stripping the bean from the fruit.  

This coffee was a recent Cup of Excellence winner and has to be tasted! This was roasted the light side of medium to enhance the fruity acidity which makes it perfect for pour-overs or black Americano.

Varietal - H1 (Centroamericano)

Processing - Natural

Altitude - 1100- 1200

Producer - Ramiro Ortiz, Buena Esperanza Farm

Region - Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Harvest period - January- April

Size: 250g
Pre-ground: No - Just beans

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