Burundi - Mahonda Washing Station

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We are excited to have secured enough of this lovely coffee to last us a while.  Mahonda washing station is well known for producing high quality coffee and for having produced several Cup-of-excellence competition awards for their coffee.   It is situated in the Kirimiro region if you refer to the map.

Due to cooler temperatures than many other producing regions, the cherries takes longer to mature, leading to more complex sugars to be developed.  

200+ drying tables

Species: Arabica

Variety: Mostly Bourbon

Altitude: 1932m

Rainfall: 1500mm pa

Temperature: 12-18 degrees C

Processing: Washed

Tasting profile: 

  •     Aroma - The coffee has a sweet berry aroma. 
  •     Body - It has a rounded body.
  •     Taste - This coffee has a citric (Citrus type) acidity with apricot notes.
  •     Finish - Cocoa finish 
Size: 250g
Pre-ground: No - Just beans

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