Baby steps

Why coffee?  Is it because coffee smells like freshly ground heaven?  Perhaps it is what coffee does to us, to our bones, to our soul.  It is not about the much published rush, but rather, the opposite – it’s the feeling of “ahhhh” when you take your first sip on a cold morning or sitting down after a hard day at work.  The joining of friends around a cup.  It offers us an excuse to stop and watch the world go by.

This is all true, but what makes this moment is based on steam, gears, motors, pumps and science.  I am a novice on all things coffee, but would like all lovers of coffee to join me on a journey of discovery.  It may be short or long, but a journey of discovery non the less.

I recently purchased my first bag of green Guatemalan Finca El Morito.  The plan is to buy, roast, sell and repeat.  This opened a Pandora’s box which lead to a colleague proposing that I blog about this journey and in the words of captain Jean Luc Picard’s famous words, I decided to “make it so”.

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